Liturgy for Creatives (E-book)
Liturgy for Creatives (E-book)
Liturgy for Creatives (E-book)
Liturgy for Creatives (E-book)

Liturgy for Creatives (E-book)

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Creative reflections through the liturgical structure

A printed version of this is available as part of our book, All That Is Made.

From books, to podcasts, to churches, to sermons, to everyday conversation—Christians are talking about liturgy. But what does it mean when we talk about liturgy in the context of a creative life with God? Derived from the Greek word, leitourgia, liturgy translates directly to “work of the people.” Liturgy is our public work of faith. Practically, this tends to look like ordered, structured prayers and statements of faith read together in the context of a community or church.

We use this liturgical structure to guide artists, entrepreneurs, and makers in spiritual reflection on the role of the creative in the flourishing of humanity. May this guide you in shaping a compelling public faith for your creative life and provide a framework for participating in the creative “work of the people.”

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