Our Story


Hi, we're Alabaster. We're so glad you're on the journey with us. Our vision is for all of humanity to experience God as beautiful. We believe beauty matters in our understanding of who God is—and together with you—we strive to make products that help bring forth beauty in the world.

How did we start?

Our journey started in 2016 with the Bible. We integrate visual imagery and thoughtful design into different books of the Bible. We believe in the divine inspiration, trustworthiness, and authority of the Bible—and we bring this into everything we make and do. We knew that the story of God was beautiful, and we wanted to create a beautiful reading experience—we ultimately hope it helps deepen your experience with God.

Beauty and faith

We live in a culture where creatives are flourishing—a society that cares about art, design, and making. So, we ask: how do we show the story of God as beautiful?

Beauty has to do with aesthetics and art, but it also goes beyond that. To experience a beautiful life means to integrate the qualities of beauty into every aspect of our faith lives: our spiritual practices, daily livings, callings, creative works, missions, and collective futures. Ultimately, we believe living beautifully means participating in God’s Shalom—wholeness and peace—in our lives, communities, and world around us. In doing so, may we all experience God as beautiful together.