The Book of Genesis: The Story of Creation and Covenant

The Book of Genesis: The Story of Creation and Covenant

A summary of the Book of Genesis, its implications for our lives, and our creative process.

Genesis is an ancient book of prose, recording and reflecting the earliest encounters between God and humankind. It begins through the story of creation—a burgeoning world that God calls good. God invites humans to rule it, but they choose to rebel. It's because of this rebellion that God begins his redemptive promise to "bless the nations". Genesis becomes the story of humans learning how to live in the light of a covenant-making God.

The characters of Genesis consistently find themselves walking towards uncertain futures. But—equipped with the promises of God—they press forward, learning to trust God in spite of their mistakes and failures. As we read and study Genesis, we unearth truths that form, shape, and guide us, even today.

In making Alabaster | Genesis, we used the colors brown and orange to guide our creative direction. Brown, first to harken back to Genesis 2:7—Then the Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground. He breathed the breath of life into the man’s nostrils, and the man became a living person. But, also, to represent the figurative “dirt” in the book— the angered, grieved, and sad stories that occur within Genesis. Orange is used to symbolize the opposite; it represents the stories of redemption in Genesis and a God who is creative, compassionate, and promise- making. Our images focus on landscapes, people, and objects to show the beautiful and diverse world God has made around us.

Ultimately, Genesis shows us that being human is messy. There are moments of strained relationships, violence, distrust, and fear. But through it, the text teaches us what it looks like to persevere and find hope in God. Though following God might not always look like what we expect, His promises protect and sustain us. As we read this text, may it transform not only our personal lives but also the world around us. Amen.

Words: Daniel Sunkari and Darrin Mckenna
Photos: Samuel Han, Lois Lee, Ian Teraoka, and Bryan Ye-Chung

The Book of Genesis:
A book on beginning, a story on living in the light of a covenant-making God. See more.

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