Advent Week Three — The Person of Joy
Reframing the concept of "waiting" during Advent—through the practice of thoughtful preparation.
Advent Week One — Mary Magnifies a History of Faithfulness
For Advent: Exploring the Magnificat and how Mary places her life in the larger story of God's faithfulness.
Advent Week Two — The Virtue of Preparation
Reframing the concept of "waiting" during Advent—through the practice of thoughtful preparation.
The Flow of Jonni Cheatwood
A look into the studio and creative process of the internationally renowned painter-sewer. Jonni Cheatwood's giant canvases line the walls of his space in a warehouse-converted-studio-artist-community. He's hunched forward on a wooden work table with a calm, casual smile. His...
Creativity, Faith, and Cooking
What if we reimagined cooking's purpose? Our daily routines of food-making would not merely serve purposes of utility or quick-fixes, but involve an exploration of our creative and spiritual lives. Picture the upper room—pregnant with the aroma of lamb simmering...
Belonging to a Community of Makers: Shared Ownership over God's Creative Mission
An invitation to know that as creatives we are not alone. We are part of a collective that has spanned thousands of years—and it is good. Amen. Our faith is one composed both of traditions and constant renewal. We are...
The Value of Journaling in an Age of Noise
"Journaling is a space where I can write it all down. I can get my thoughts out, unload my brain from the day and see what’s actually going on in my soul. It’s a practical way to unburden my mind...
Finding God in Mystery and Wonder
Exploring the depths of God through mystery and wonder.
Afternoon Practices to Cultivate Creativity
Christian practices to help with creativity during the afternoon, "midday slump".
All That Is Made
A guide for the creative Christian.
Recovering The Garden Experience In Our Creative Calling
In the midst of a culture of speed and efficiency, we are invited to courageously advance creativity by reaching back to its simple origins.
Grundtvig’s Church
In a quaint neighborhood, on the outskirts of Copenhagen, stands Grundtvig's Church. Grayish, yellow bricks make up the structure, refracting a soft light throughout the space. A large pipe organ hugs the back wall as you walk in. Candles are lit. The space is sacred.
Evening Practices to Cultivate Creativity
"It is good to proclaim your unfailing love in the morning, your faithfulness in the evening" —Psalms 92:2 Evenings are intentionally designed. In Genesis 1, God crafts containers of time out of timelessness. Each of the seven days of creation...
Reflections on Beauty and Faith
Reflections on Beauty and Faith "We know there's more to beauty. Something else is out there to describe its depth and form." Beauty is a strange and elusive word. A Google or hashtag search of "beauty" yields a long line...
The Creative's Role in God's Invisible Kingdom
"What can we learn as creatives? We are called to bring the invisible, intangible qualities and attributes of the Kingdom into this visible world. We are called to purposefully create by the divine Spirit of God." As creative people, we...
A Reflection on Poetry in Scripture
"The Bible is more than prosaic rituals; it is a love letter, a story of adventure and victory, a multigenre conglomeration that God called “good,” full of mystery, romance, comedy, prophesy, even poetry." Poetry: a form escorted by stigma and...
Victoria Park Explores the Connection Between Acting and Reflecting God's Image
We talk with Victoria about her start in Hollywood, her acting methodology, and trusting God in the highs and lows of the creative journey. We sit down with Victoria Park in the Alabaster office. She’s just finished modeling for a...
Lenten Reflection on Noah, the Flood, and God's Universal Covenant
As the Lenten season begins, we offer a meditation on Genesis 9:1-17, and God’s unending commitment to humanity. Lent is generally the 40 days in the church calendar leading up to Easter Sunday. It begins with Ash Wednesday and is...
The Book of Proverbs – Experience the Presence of God Through Wise Living
The Book of Proverbs is the most well-known collection of wisdom literature in the Bible. Proverbs is the words of the wise wrapped up in the Word of God.
Morning Practices to Cultivate Creativity
“Let me hear in the morning of your steadfast love, for in you I trust. Make me know the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.” - Psalm 143:8 The morning has always held unique...
Jon Collins Explains Everything: An Interview with the Co-Founder of The Bible Project
We sit down with Jon Collins, co-founder of the Bible Project, to discuss their Portland-based studio, his creative process, and why he doesn’t think of himself as a storyteller. We sit down with Jon Collins, co-founder of The Bible Project,...